Mt. Ijen to Mt. Bromo

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Gems of east java

East Java is known for its vast and unique landscape, but none have captured the hearts of adventurers all over the world more than Mt. Bromo and Mt. Ijen. These 2 gems are a must-see for anyone travelling to this region. Mt. Bromo is an active volcano, and also the site of the annual Yadnya Kasada Festival of the local Tenggerese people. It is truly an amazing feeling to be standing on the crater rim and feel the rumble of the volcano beneath your feet. Mt. Ijen, on the other hand, is a totally different experience. A short night trek will bring you to the sulphur pits, where blue flames burn brightly in the dark. You will also see the sulphur miners at work, gathering what is known as "Devil's Gold": large chunks of bright yellow sulphur crystals.

Incredible Scenery

Be awed by the unforgettable sunrise views and epic natural landscape found nowhere else on Earth.

Cosy Accommodations

From the homestay at Bromo to the hotel at Bondowoso city, you are guaranteed a cosy stay to rest for the night.

Private Shuttle

Your own private transport throughout the whole journey. Just enjoy yourselves and take many pictures!

Experienced Guides

Our team of local guides have years of experience and will ensure your safety and comfort.


Join us on an adventure to hike along the crater rim of Mt. Bromo and witness the mystical blue flames of Mt. Ijen!

Day 1 Surabaya - Bondowoso

We will pick you up at your hotel / Juanda International Airport and at 10am start to drive to Bondowoso (7 hours drive). Upon reaching Bondowoso, check in to Ijen View Hotel or similar. Short rest at the hotel and check out at 10.30pm for a 2hrs drive to Pal Tuding for Blue Fire Midnight Trek at Mt. Ijen. 

Day 2 Ijen/Bromo

Arrive at Pal Tuding at 1am and start trekking with a local guide about 2 hours to the summit of Mt. Ijen. There, you will get to see the blue flames and walk down to the blue acid lake. It is also worth to see the sulfur collectors mine huge blocks of pure sulfur primitively, an incredibly hard job in the harsh environment.

After descent trek back, we will proceed to drive to Ngadisari and check in at our usual homestay villa (clean, fresh sheets and hot water bath). Local food will be served by the host as dinner. You may also have a traditional Bromo massage by a local masseur.

Day 3 Bromo - Surabaya

At 2.30am, we will start driving to the most famous viewpoint at Mt. Penanjakan (alternative: King Kong Hill/Love Hill). Here, we will see the dramatic sunrise and spectacular panorama with 5 mountains in the ancient Tengger crater and an active Mt. Semeru. After that, drive across the Sea of Sand to start trekking to Mt. Bromo.

After descending from the crater rim, we will go back to the villa for breakfast and check out. Proceed to drive back to Surabaya, arriving around 4pm.

Does this look like fun? Let's start planning your trip!

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